About Us


We are the central point of contact providing access to our Philippine partner coconut processors; managing relationships with established coconut processors in the Philippines, including the procurement of raw materials, quality control, and logistics; minimizing time, language, and cultural differences; and serving as the primary resource for customer concerns and questions.





Established in 1995, ProSource International operates out of its headquarters in the Philippines, which is the second largest coconut producing country and one of the largest producers of organic coconuts. To directly serve the needs of the growing number of North American customers, PSource International was established in the United States.

In 2003, we began offering Virgin Coconut Oil under the brand name, “ProSource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil”. Our constant study of market developments has widened ProSource’s customer base and increased its product offering. Today, we readily serve customers in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe, providing an extensive range of the highest quality organic and conventional coconut products, Halal and Kosher certified, manufactured in accordance with the GMP and HACCP systems.

ProSource believes that natural coconut products must be processed and delivered to market as fresh as possible. Mindful of this philosophy, we bridge the gap between farmers and our customers by drawing on our experience, expertise, and relationship to deliver cost and time-to market advantages to the end customer. Customers are assured that quality, project completion, and delivery are all centrally managed for their benefit.

ProSource recognizes the importance and takes a proactive role in supporting sustainable harvesting and agricultural methods, and promoting the benefits of natural products. By partnering in sustainable agricultural projects, we are committed to being good stewards of the land and generating social and economic benefits to the local farmers’ communities.



ProSource is in the business of transforming lives. We partner with “mission” minded businesses that share our same passion and values. Our primary goal is to bring social, spiritual and economic benefits to local Philippine farmers’ through the sale of their organic and natural coconut products. We achieve this by community transformation through business and job creation, strengthening their spiritual foundation through Godly influence and values, and improving their role as stewards of the land through modeling sustainability and care for the environment.



  • Providing our business partners and customers with the highest quality organic and natural coconut products at a price that is both fair and profitable
  • Being good stewards of the land and supportive of the farmers we partner with through the use of sustainable harvesting and agricultural methods
  • Building long term relationships and serving the needs of our business partners and customers that are based on integrity, honesty and mutual trust
  • Community and spiritual transformation in the communities we are involved in with a strong emphasis on Godly values that impacts each life and the people around them